Torija Castle. Torija, Guadalajara


Plaza de la Villa, s/n (19190). Guadalajara


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English, Italian


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This 15th-century fortress is currently the headquarters of CITUG, the Tourist Interpretation Center of the Province of Guadalajara, the nucleus for disseminating its historical, artistic and monumental heritage, its natural beauty, its traditions and its gastronomy, and it is presented in all its splendor. to the visitor.

Located in a modern and functional four-storey building erected in the same Patio de Armas of the fortress, the building constitutes the diffuser center of provincial tourism, its equipment containing the precise museum elements for the optimal understanding and promotion of all the resources tourism in our province.

 Distributed in three thematic floors:


native fauna. Know the variety of fauna of the Province, in a central rectangular structure, in which four life-size reproductions of specimens of the native fauna of Guadalajara are located. Around it there is a large lectern with detailed information on the specimens and their ecosystems where they live.

 Landscape wealth. Location of a large central structure illuminated with the peculiarities of the landscape of the Province, a large format image and around it an interactive module with the ecosystems and natural parks, as well as a map of the Province in which the visitor can locate them by means of a sign luminous.


monumental heritage. In an open prism, with a double structure, the most important architectural works are exhibited. It is a unique route that goes from the Rural Romanesque of the Sierra de Pela to the Renaissance in Guadalajara.

Black architecture. Through a modular structure of sinuous and intertwined forms, which draws vertical and horizontal exhibition areas, as light boxes, the architectural peculiarities of this beautiful and unique example of popular architecture in Guadalajara are presented.

Jewels of a territory. Its objective is to show the artistic, archaeological and monumental singularity of the Province of Guadalajara. For this, a volumetric recreation has been used, located on an illuminated platform. It is a multitude of illuminated boxes referring to monuments of the Province.


Traditional festivals and crafts. Through a structure in the form of that, on the one hand, the artisanal diversity of the Province of Guadalajara is made known and, on the other, its folkloric richness, its traditional festivals that, in many cases, have ancestral origins, such as its popular and famous botargas.

Gastronomy space. Devices designed to show the rich and varied gastronomy of Guadalajara, where different gastronomic samples can be displayed in various backlit boxes.

Inside its spectacular Torre del Homenaje is the Museo del Viaje a la Alcarria, the first museum dedicated to a book, which contains numerous personal objects and maps used on his journey through Alcarria lands by Nobel Prize winner Camilo José Cela. .

Throughout its three floors, the Museum houses a collection of the writer's personal memorabilia used on his journey through Alcarria lands, including a facsimile of his notebook used on the trip, as well as unique editions of the work in different languages, photographs of the time, handcrafted utensils from those post-war years, school records and coins and banknotes that were legal tender at that time.

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