Tower of Álvar Fáñez

Tower of Álvar Fáñez, in the city of Guadalajara / ALC.

Calle de Alvar Fáñez de Minaya, 35. Guadalajara


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It is a pentagonal tower built in the 14th century, the purpose of which was to control the entry to the village through Puerta de Feria or del Cristo de la Feria. The tower is raised on a polygonal base and it reaches two stories in height. The highest part of the tower is covered by a vault.

It was part of the old city wall surrounding the town. Legend has it that in 1085 Alvar Fáñez de Minaya, El Cid’s trusted lieutenant, entered the village through this door on the night of Saint John. It is very likely that the development of the legend is linked to Álvar Fáñez connection to this land.

Álvar Fáñez, who spent his career in the service of King Alfonso VI and of his daughter (Queen Urraca), was one of the king’s most trusted vassals. El Cantar adapts the historical career of this vassal, to the extent that his role as El Cid’s trusted lieutenant is fictitious. Historically, Álvar Fáñez played a key role in leading the defense of the taifa of Toledo, which had been conquered by Alfonso VI. Note that some of the territories that are now part of the province of Guadalajara used to belong to the taifa of Toledo.

It is very likely that the poet of El Cantar recast historical records in order to narrate the algarada de Álvar Fáñez episode. According to this episode, Álvar Fáñez passed through Guadalajara in the company of Álvar Álvarez, Álvar Savadórez, Galín García and other 200 horsemen on the eleventh day of their exile, plundering up the river Henares and the fields of several towns.

The tower, which has the town’s coat of arms, is now home to an Interpretation Centre.

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  • Tower of Álvar Fáñez, in Guadalajara / ALC.
  • Tower of Álvar Fáñez, in the city of Guadalajara / ALC.