Tower of Los Guzmanes


It is located inside the convent of Santo Domingo, at Santo Domingo street, 6. Caleruega


947 534 005 -Town Council of Caleruega

Defensive tower of the twelfth century that is part of a belt of towers along the banks of the Duero river. It has rectangular plant, 17 meters high and walls up to 2 meters thick. The tower, next to the disappeared wall of Caleruega, formed the defensive nucleus of the town. Its singular items are the two blazons of the main facade, the door with a half-point arch and the mozarab arch window of the first floor. The battlements were constructed on the mid-twentieth century.

It has four floors and has been conditioned as an exhibition hall.

Visit: With entrance, consult visiting hours and prices in the Convent and Monastery of Santo Domingo.

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