Turn signal to the right missed


At the BU-V-2670 crossroad. Quintanilla Vivar


947 292 107 - Town Council

Approximately 2 km from Quintanilla Vivar along the hiking trail, at the junction with the BU-V-2679 road, a sign in front of with a cross indicates closed road. Travelers have to turn right and follow the BU-V-2679 350 meters long until they cross under the motorway´s bridge. Just after, take the path that goes off to the left and runs 700 meters in parallel to the highway. In general, the section between Vivar del Cid and Burgos requires improvements in signage and layout pending on the final completion of the works of the Natural Path that comes from Oña.

Keep it in mind if you travel the route of El Destierro walking or on BTT.

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ALC: 14.03.19