Uxama archeological Site


Alto del Castro. El Burgo de Osma - Ciudad de Osma


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Uxama is a Celtiberian villa that dates back more than two millennia. It is located on Alto del Castro and during the Roman Ages it was an important place on the path that connected Asturica and Caesaraugsuta. At the site, you can see a semi-circular tank that provided water to the town and dates all the way back to the second half of the 1st century. You can also visit a high imperial household called Plintos which is an example of the types of buildings made during Claudius’ reign, as well as a Roman road. From the Muslim invasion, there is a defensive watchtower that was used to control any military movement on the border between Christians and Muslims.

As we can see, this was a very strategical place from which the several civilisations that controlled it throughout the years could observe the landscape from every angle.

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Source:  Soria, ni te la imaginas (provincial council of Soria official tourist site).

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