Uxama Watchtower

Uxama tower, next to El Burgo de Osma / ALC

Near the Uxama Celtiberian Archeological Site. El Burgo de Osma - Ciudad de Osma


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During the Early Middle Ages, the Castle of Osma was built on a hill that can be seen from a Roman watchtower. This watchtower is located where the ancient Celt settlement once was, in Alto del Castro.

On the highest part of the Uxama archaeological site, there is a 10th-century Muslim watchtower built in ashlar, although the foundational ashlar stones are most likely Roman. It contains part of a Roman column and remains of jambs which are the only parts left of the entryway. Inside there are about six metres in diameter and the walls are only ten centimetres thick. From this watchtower, you can see the Lomero Watchtower, El Burgo de Osma and Quintanilla de Tres Barrios.

Visit: free.

Source:  Soria, ni te la imaginas (provincial council of Soria official tourist site).

ALB: 10.08.18

  • Uxama tower, next to El Burgo de Osma / ALC
  • Uxama tower, next to El Burgo de Osma / ALC
  • The Uxama tower seeing from El Burgo de Osma castle / ALC