Vela Zanetti’s murals


Paseo del Espolón, 34. Burgos


947 258 600 - Diputación Provincial de Burgos

The Palacio de la Diputación Provincial of Burgos is home to a series of impressive murals painted by Vela Zanetti in the second half of the twentieth century. The image of El Cid presented by the murals, which are found on the palace’s dome, is quite different from the traditional image of the hero:  El Cid appears distressed and his face suggests fatigue; as for the small party of men that accompany him, their faces and hands reveal they are peasant workers. This approach to the image of El Cid is clearly different from the one taken by the artist of the equestrian statue placed at Plaza del Cid, only a few metres away from the palace.

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Rev. PAB 26.12.18