Are you planning to travel around Spain in a different way while staying safe? Camino del Cid route

According with the Song of el Cid, Rodrigo conquered the castle of Onda (image), province of Castellón / ALC.


Montalbán, Teruel.Montalbán, Teruel.

If you are planning to travel around Spain and you want to...

… get to know a different country, without getting caught up in stereotypical notions.

...venture out into the extraordinary interior of the country, crossing through Castile and Aragón until reaching a nice warm Mediterranean beach, on the Valencia coast.

... travel safely and enjoy  the journey, regardless of whether you choose to walk, travel by car or ride a bike. across more than 70 natural spaces and lots of quiet and peaceful towns, experiencing their extraordinary cultural and artistic heritage.

...learn about Spain’s medieval history through one of the country’s most famous national heroes: El Cid Campeador.

... visit castles, Romanesque chapels, Gothic cathedrals, Arab baths...

...enjoy its traditional festivals and customs in a festive and relaxed environment.

...taste the diversity and richness of the Spanish food, combining traditional and modern dishes.

...Then check the information under “Travel info”.

Villafranca del Cid,CastellónVillafranca del Cid,Castellón 

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Recuerda, SoriaRecuerda, Soria