Launch of 24 hiking and cycle tourism guides through Spain following the Camino del Cid route

Camino del Cid topoguides, English version.

Camino del Cid topoguides, English version.Camino del Cid topoguides, English version.The Camino del Cid (Way of El Cid) route is a cultural and tourist route that crosses Spain, retracing the footsteps of a medieval warrior named Rodrigo Díaz, known as El Cid Campeador, or ‘Great Warrior’. The route, which extends over almost 2,000 km, is divided into themed sections of between 50 and 300 km. Each section of the route can be completed in various ways: by car, on foot, by MTB bike along country tracks, or alternatively by bicycle along secondary roads with very little traffic.    

In order to promote this route abroad, in 2019 the Camino del Cid Consortium (a not-for-profit public organization) launched a website in English that includes content of major interest about the figure of the Cid, Spain in the Middle Ages and the tourist route. This information has now been extended with the publication of these guides that are extremely useful for English speaking travellers and visitors.  

Twenty-four guides have been published (7 MTB routes, 10 cycle tourism routes, and 7 hiking routes). More than 200 maps and 342 pages of updated information containing all the details necessary to complete the route: profiles, distances, road and path types, degree of difficulty, weather charts, descriptions of each stage, signposting details, things to watch out for on the way and alternative routes, etc. They contain materials of outstanding quality that are highly appreciated and valued by travellers. The guides are available in digital format and can be downloaded free of charge.  

The Way of El Cid is one of Europe’s greatest medieval itineraries, crossing Spain from the northwest to the southeast, passing through sparsely populated lands of immense value due to their rich environmental, artistic and historic heritage. The Camino del Cid route is one of the five Spanish routes to hold the Turespaña "Cultural routes in Spain" tourism seal.


  • English version of the MTB Camino del Cid topoguides.
  • The Camino del Cid cycle tourism guides are translated into English.
  • English version of the Camino del Cid route hiking guides.