Camino del Cid, a gravel route 1.500 km long across Spain

Islamic castle of Gormaz, Soria / Timo Rokitta

Teruel, Green Railroad / Timo RokittaTeruel, Green Railroad / Timo Rokitta
The boom in cycling in Europe has led to the emergence of new types of bicycles and ways of doing bicycle tourism.  One of these is the development of gravel bikes, similar to cyclocross bikes but designed for trips over long distances on rural tracks and roads.

The Camino del Cid route, which crosses Spain from the north-west to the south-east, from the centre of Castile to the Mediterranean, is an ideal route for gravel cycling. For gravel cyclists who increasingly come to Spain to follow the Camino del Cid, we have planned a specific route for gravel, based on existing MTB and cycling tourism routes, but avoiding the most difficult or uncomfortable MTB sections.

The result is a gravel route 1.500km long, whose tracks can be downloaded from the official Camino del Cid route website. It’s a well-balanced route that mostly follows trails, tracks and secondary roads with very little traffic.

It’s an invitation to discover an unknown Spain, of tiny villages and vast spaces, where contact with Nature and tranquillity is guaranteed.

For more information about the gravel alternative of the Camino del Cid route, click here.