New travel app for the Camino del Cid Route


The Camino del Cid Consortium has developed a new mobile app – available for iOS and Android – that will be very useful for all the travellers on this cultural tourism route.

The Camino del Cid Consortium has launched a new mobile travel app: a useful tool for all the travellers on this cultural tourism route that crosses Spain from the north-west to the south-east, following the literary and historical footsteps of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, EL Cid, the famous 11th century medieval knight.

With this new app, travellers will know at all times where they are and be able to locate the places of interest and how to reach them. It is designed to be simple to use so that anyone with a mobile device can utilise it intuitively and benefit from all its functions. One of its main characteristics is that it can be used in places without a mobile signal because most of the information is downloaded when the app is installed. It is still functional when the mobile device cannot receive data or it is restricted to the user.

With the Camino del Cid Route app, travellers can choose the route they want to follow depending on their form of travel: by car or motor-bike, on tourist cycling bikes on secondary roads, on MTB along trails and paths, or on foot following the GR160 – Camino del Cid. They will know exactly where they are and be able to see the georeferenced information about 4,500 Spanish points of interest, including all the towns on the route, the tourism resources, travel services, places to have their letter of safe conduct stamped, and also all the alerts about the state of The Way.

The app uses the official maps of the Spanish National Geographic Institute. They come in three types of views: street maps, cartography and satellite photos. The app is free and is available for the Android and iOS operating systems. Apple devices will need the iOS 13 or later operating system, whereas for Android, the operating system must be Android 7 or later.

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