Mandy Rodríguez: “The Camino del Cid offers everything a cyclist could wish for”

Mandy Rodríguez en el Camino del Cid

Mandy Rodríguez in the Camino del Cid routeMandy Rodríguez in the Camino del Cid route
It was 2018 when Mandy Rodríguez decided to travel from Germany to Spain to do the Camino del Cid. Encouraged to make the journey after watching the film "El Cid" on television, she has since then, together with her partner Timo Rokitta, travelled the entire route. He on a gravel bike, she an ebike. We talked with Mandy Rodriguez about her experience on this route, which she hopes to return soon

- In what year did you make your first trip along the Camino del Cid? 
We hit the Camino del Cid for the first time in 2018, after watching the film El Cid (Anthony Mann) on TV at Christmas in 2017.

- What area did you cycle through?
Since I have already driven all the Cid paths together with my friend Timo, we know all the areas along the route very well. You can say we know Spain from Burgos to almost Murcia.

- What other trips have you made along the Camino del Cid?
We drove the Camino del Cid on and off-road. We were also on the way to the Rings of the Cid.

 - Have you and Timo always ridden?
Yes, there are always two of us on the road. We always share the organization and planning of such a trip. Timo is responsible for the navigation, I for the accommodation.

- What kind of bike did you take?
I always ride my e-bike, which has a double battery. It's a bit easier, but I have the luggage and the spare parts on my ebike.

- What difficulties have you seen on the Camino?
There were no real difficulties with the route. However, we drove the Camino del Cid in early August 2018 and it was over 40 degrees hot. That was already very strong on the substance.

Taking a break in Mecerreyes (Burgos)Taking a break in Mecerreyes (Burgos)

- Have you done other routes in Spain?
Yes, in 2021 we drove the Ruta Vía de la Plata from Seville to Gijon and in 2022 from Santander to Valencia on the "Via Verde Santander-Mediterraneo". We were suddenly on parts of the Camino del Cid again.

- Why did you decide to travel the Camino del Cid?
The Camino del Cid offers everything a cyclist could wish for: great landscapes, remote routes, historical monuments, picturesque villages and very friendly people.

- What did you like the most about the Camino del Cid? What area caught your attention the most?
That is difficult to say. I say that it is precisely the variety of the Camino del Cid that makes traveling so interesting. You are in a different landscape and in a different area every day.

- It is becoming more and more common to see women on this type of routes, do you think they are enough?
One should not differentiate between women and men here. And today, like me, there is also the option of riding the routes with an eBike. As a woman, you are also very safe on the routes of the Camino del Cid.

- What do you remember from your routes along the Camino del Cid?
There are many and very nice memories of the Camino del Cid route. I can think of a few great moments: the nocturnal running of the bulls in La. Iglesuela del Cid, the sunset on the city wall of Morella, the rock tunnels on the piece of Via Verde Ojos Negros, the evening rest in the monastery garden of St. Domingo de Silos, to name just a few.

- Do you plan to do some part of the route again?
Definitely we will come back. Timo and I are guaranteed to come back to the Camino del Cid. Timo already has the idea of riding the route on a 40-year-old classic steel bike. It will be very exhausting for him, but he has me with him - his pack mules on the ebike.