Poetry in Translation openly publishes a new English version of Cantar de mío Cid


..Poetry in Translation is a British digital publisher whose purpose is to offer open quality translations, mainly of European classics.

Recently, it has incorporated a new English version of ‘Cantar de mio Cid’ (Song of El Cid) signed by A. S. Kline, author of most of the translations hosted on the web, all of them free to download. 

Regarding the motivations that led him to translate the Medieval Poem based on El Cid, the legendary Spanish warrior, Kline emphasizes that ‘Cantar de mio Cid’ is a “key” poetic text of the Hispanic Middle Ages: “it is one of the essential texts of Europe.” 

The translation is aimed at those students who find it difficult to access certain works. In this sense, Poetry in Translation has reached several agreements with various educational institutions in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and other European countries with the aim of giving students access to Europe's medieval literary heritage. 

About the new version of the Song

To carry out the translation, the author has based himself on the edition of the Song made by Ramón Ménendez Pidal and printed by Bailly-Baillière in 1908. He has also used other sources such as the Camino del Cid website itself, since it has allowed him to identify certain place names cited in the Song. 

The translation of the medieval poem – which incorporates a short introduction that allows the reader to situate itself – is structured in six sections, making access to the different plots of the text easier.

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