Camino del Cid route Travel App available on Android and iOS


The Camino del Cid is one of the most famous cultural tourism routes in Spain. Following the footsteps of El Cid, a legendary medieval warrior, it crosses Spain from the north-west to the Mediterranean along a series of routes linked one to the other.

The Consorcio Camino del Cid, a non-profit public institution, has developed this official app where you can access the tracks of all the routes and other useful information, including the tourist resources and services you may need on your journey.

The Travel App is available on Android and iOS

Very important: the app is prepared so that it will work without a mobile signal. The first time you open the app, all the tracks and points of interest will be downloaded. Depending on your internet connection, this may take several minutes. Please be patient.

Download our travel app free of chargeDownload our travel app free of charge
With this app you can:

  • Download the different tracks in the Camino del Cid route.
  • See where you are at any time and follow the route or routes of your choice.
  • View the cartography with different types of maps.
  • Learn about the towns you will go through, how far away they are, the kind of services you’ll find and what you’ll see there.
  • Locate all the places where you can have your letter of safe conduct stamped, reach them easily and discover the discounts on offer.
  • Visit all the places of tourist interest: places associated with El Cid, World Heritage sites, historical-artistic centres, festivals, natural heritage, outstanding roads, etc.
  • Discover all the tourist services: accommodation, tourism offices, bike repair shops, bars, chemist’s…
  • Know the state of the Way using Alerts on Route.
  • Gain access to over 4,500 points of interest using a proximity radar.
  • Use the app without an internet connection or in a place without coverage.
  • The app is updated daily. For more information about the Camino del Cid route click here. 

 ALC: 06.10.2021