Couchsurfing places to spend one night


The couchsurfing reception centres (Puntos de Acogida) are provisional spaces set up in some towns and villages where there are no accommodation options where travellers can spend the night.

The local authorities provide these spaces free of charge (they may occasionally ask for a small donation to contribute to their upkeep).

The objective is to provide shelter for those travellers following the Way of El Cid (especially hikers) who for various reasons have not been able to find or book a room in the accommodation options available in nearby towns.

The services and facilities available in these reception centres are normally very basic. Travellers should not expect to find a wide range of comforts. Sometimes they are limited to a covered space in which to spend the night with your sleeping bag and mat. However, it is important to respect and take care of those facilities, leaving them in a suitable condition so that those that come after you can also benefit from them.

In order to guarantee availability, you must call at least one day in advance.

In the Downloads section of this file you will find a full list of the CouchSurfing Sites and details of the facilities and services available at each one.  You can also find them in our Cartographic viewer

Rev (ALC): 18.10.18