Organised Tours

In this section you can find companies and travel agencies that organise routes on the Way of El Cid. We recommend that you get in touch with them directly as they will be able to inform you best.


 Caminando Caminando Travel Agency

..In Caminando Caminando, we organised self-guided or guided routes of a week’s duration, including accommodation and transfer of luggage between stages on the Way of El Cid, in its section between Aragon and Valencia. However, if you are interested in other areas, you can get in touch with us. We also have a bike hire service and optional meals.

Contact person: Cinzia Ruberto

Telephone: 987 499 732 / 687 344 224

Address: Calle Ave María, 6 – entreplanta- 24402 Ponferrada (León)



Modality: Only routes on bicycle with the optional hire of MTB or hybrid (not electric) with all their accessories.

We are a wholesaler/inbound operator of trekking and cycling tourism trips. Our routes can be done alone, in company or in small groups. They are best done in the low seasons (February-June or September-November). We offer a basic package that includes accommodation + transfer of luggage (travel documents and insurance for the activity), to which customers can add the hire of bikes and/or meals, and/or visits, etc. that they like to create the trip that they want. We speak Spanish, English and Italian.


 Love Cycling Tours Travel Agency

Love-cyclingtours.gifLove-cyclingtours.gifWe hire equipped bicycles, hybrids, MTB, ebikes and trekking bikes of different sizes. We create individualised routes and tracks, transfer suitcases between accommodation places and prepare picnics. We transfer our customers from the end of the route to the start: Valencia-Albarracín. Our routes are for families, small groups or even individuals.

Contact person: Jesús Monleón Peiró

Telephone: 606 089 696 (Jesús), in english 651 658 552 (Teresa)

Address: Calle Arenachos, 12, 12450 Jérica, Castellón



Modality: Bicycle

Languages: English, German and Dutch


 Kolotrip Travel Agency

kolotrip.kolotrip.We are a bicycle travel agency in Valencia. You’ll find we offer a wide choice of bike trips for all levels, durations and styles of cycling. These are cycling tourism trips in Spain and abroad where you can pedal to your heart’s content on the dates that you wish. We include the design of the route, luggage transfer and tourist advice. We offer the Way of El Cid both in short sections and in its entirety. In addition to sporting activity at higher or lower levels, we combine the trips with cultural and gastronomic activities. We can organise your trip whether you are travelling alone, in family or in a group.

Contact person: Iván González

Telephone: 699 462 621

Address: La Marina de Valencia, Muelle de la Aduana, Edificio Lanzadera, 46024 Valencia



Modality: Bicycle

Languages: English, Portuguese and French


 Mediterranean Bike Tours Travel Agency

..We offer short and long distance Slow Cycling routes, either self-guided or with a guide. All our routes can be personalised and made-to-measure for the travellers. We also offer accommodation and a bike hire service. We organise the complete Way of El Cid from Burgos to Valencia by ebike; mountain bike, trekking bike and conventional bicycles, for all ages between 16 and 70 years. We provide Slow Cycling trips so that travellers can enjoy the scenery, the food and the cultural heritage. They are trips for single people, families and groups or private tours, etc.

Contact person: Santiago Alnadí

Telephone: 629 522 300

Address: Calle Mayor, 68 Torres Torres Valencia



Modality: Bicycle

Languages: English, Portuguese and French

Our tours include: Bicycles (ebike or conventional), half-board accommodation, civil liability insurance, accident insurance, 24h telephone assistance, route track and briefing.


 Ocio sin fronteras Travel Agency

We offer a trip along the Way of El Cid in a pleasant, cultural, comfortable and fun way. We organise one-day routes, three-night routes and full week trips, depending on the customers’ requirements. The trips are supported by a bus: routes on foot of about 15 or 20km per day, on MTB bikes or on the bus. We work with all kinds of travellers, although the average age of most of our customers is between 45 and 60 years. They come with their children, families, groups of friends, and also there are many separated, divorced or single people.

Contact person: Álvaro Martín

Telephone: 651 104 664

Address: Calle Alzira, 10 bajo (46009) Valencia


Modality: Routes on foot of about 15 or 20km per day, on MTB or by bus


 Pangea Travel Agency

..We have specialised in bike trips since 1993. Located in Madrid, we offer guided or self-guided bike tours in Spain and Europe. We offer the Way of El Cid on mountain bikes, cycling tourism bikes, hybrids, and now on electric bikes. Our tours include accommodation, breakfast and luggage transfer. On our guided trips, they also include transfer and hire of bicycles, a guide and half-board. Ages depend on the type of trip but most of our customers are between 46 and 60 years old. We have a stock of over 120 bikes for hire.

Contact person: Chus Blázquez

Telephone: 915 172 839 / 659 955 437

Address: Paseo de Yeserías 15 Local i1 28005 Madrid



Modality: All types of bicycles

Languages: English and French


 Tabei Adventures Travel Agency

VO Tabei Adventurs.VO Tabei Adventurs.Tabei Adventures can provide you with accommodation, transport and support for each stage, and a support vehicle to transport your luggage. You only need to walk and enjoy the trip. Leave the rest to us!

Contact person: Mariano Torres

Telephone: 615 591 146

Address: Calle de Antonio López, 254B, 28041 Madrid



Modality: Trekking

Languages: English and French

We organise the complete Way of El Cid or stages of it, for groups, families and individuals, adapting to the customers’ needs: on foot, MTB or road bike. They are usually cultural and sporting trips. We take charge of the transfer of luggage, panniers and bikes.


 Veronia Tours Travel Agency

..We are a family business-to-business operator, based in Salamanca and dedicated to the inbound service of bespoke tours in Spain and Portugal. Since 1998, we have put at travellers’ disposal a professional team with wide experience that will provide a personalised high-quality service.

Contact person: Mariló Gómez

Telephone: 923 282 511

Address: Calle Papín, 22 bajo (37007) Salamanca



Modality: Trekking, coach and motorbike

Languages: English, German and French

We organise the full Way of El Cid, adapting to the client’s needs: on foot, coach or motorbike. They are usually made-to-measure cultural trips for groups.

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