The Exile Route Hiking topoguide

Author: Víctor Gutiérrez - UTM Desarrollos


Camino del Cid hiking topoguides include all the information to walk along the routes: stages, kilometers, timing, description of the route, types of roads and paths, status and type of signaling, potential hot spots, stage valuations with IBP and MIDE index, info on climatology, landscapes, most outstanding heritage resources, and a list of icons with practical info as lodging, train stations, pharmacies, etc. They also include a list of places where you can stamp your safeconduct, 1: 50,000 maps, as well as links and QR codes.

Complete topoguide of the hiking route of El Destierro (The Exile). Edit Consorcio Camino del Cid. Digital format: free download from the website.

Publication: june 2017

Publishing date: 2017

The following files are available for download